Beijing Hongdao Sports Medicine Clinic

Beijing, China 2014
Project location: Beijing Dongcheng, China
Building area: Renovated building area of approximately 770 square meters
Project phase: completed

Hongdao Sports Medicine Clinic is located on the second floor of the Training and Fitness Center of the State Sports General Administration, No. 2, Stadium Road, Dongcheng District, Beijing. The building area is 770 square meters. The main functions are treatment room, VIP, rehabilitation training area, office and conference.

Project includes: plan, construction drawing design; including the structure of the renovation building, water supply and drainage, gas, fire, HVAC, building electrical, general plan design, landscape concept design, corridor outside the building, the front hall, the front desk, the waiting area, the first floor to the elevator (the disabled ramp), main entrance, the design of the ground finish, the design of the exterior steps of the main building (for the design of disabled people).